Vromm Costar


Known Arcane Practitioner

Name: Vromm Costar (Vah-rom Kahs-tar)

DOB: 7/18/1972

Citizenship: Kingdom of the Netherlands

Current Residence: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Description: 1.87 meters (6 ft. 2 in.) tall, 190 lb, light blue eyes, natural hair color blond (usually seen long) and no facial hair, described as “Nordic” in appearance

Early Life: Born of Klass and Annika (Van Cortlandt) Costar. Klass started as a successful lawyer for various Dutch corporations. At twenty-six he married the daughter of a minor noble family. After increasing an already sizable family fortune, Klass turned to public service working as an advisor on financial matters to the International Criminal Court at The Hague. Klass and Annika died in a suspicious automobile accident in 2006, leaving Vromm as their sole heir.

Vromm participated in many high risk sporting activities during his youth, including: ice climbing, downhill skiing, long distance swimming, and wingsuit flying. Despite high aptitude, he shied away from team athletics. His athletic ability may be attributed to unrealized arcane talent. He attended Universiteit Utrecht and received fair marks securing a degree in Art History.

After university, Vromm fulfilled his risk addiction by joining the Koninklijke Landmacht (Royal Netherlands Army). Although he could have easily joined as an officer, he chose to enter as an enlisted man. His military record shows a soldier lacking respect for authority yet highly disciplined and a natural combatant. He was invited to join the 108th Korps Commando Troepen, Special Operations Company (Dutch Anti-terrorism Special Forces), and ended his military career after eight years achieving the rank of Adjudant (E9).

During his time in Special Forces, the Dutch government noticed Vromm’s gift. He most likely received magical training provided by the Dutch from an unknown apprentice master. He then went on to serve the government in an unofficial capacity, “re-acquiring” high-value works of art, which the Dutch authorities considered stolen but were unable to seize legally. Dutch officials terminated the program after two years, possibly to prevent an international incident, as Vromm often acquired other unsanctioned pieces while on his assignments, selling them on the black market or keeping them for his extensive personal collection. Despite these transgressions, the Dutch government extends Vromm special protected status as a matter of Dutch national security. Attempts to obtain information on Vromm or restrict his movements have met with stiff resistance. No extradition has been requested, and would likely be denied.

Current Activities: Vromm acts as a freelance espionage agent, taking on jobs such as: information retrieval, theft of technology or valuables, arcane consulting, and assassination. His unique abilities command a high price on the international market and are highly sought after by governments, terrorist groups, and corporations unwilling or unable to recruit and train in-house arcane practitioners.

Training/Skills: Vromm received extensive hand to hand and firearms training in Special Forces. He has the ability to bypass high-tech security devices. Vromm collects modern and Renaissance art, mostly paintings, and can accurately appraise and authenticate art and antiques.

Known Arcane Abilities: Besides the heightened reflexes and senses common to combat magicians, Vromm has demonstrated the abilities of flight, teleportation, and material destruction (melting objects by touch). Although never witnessed, it is believed he has the ability to scry.

Prepared by: Edward Norrell, Chief of Analysis & Research, Office of Arcane Intelligence]]


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